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What NOT to do in Tibet Miscellaneous

What NOT to do in Tibet

Matador’s destination expert on Tibet lays out the country’s avoidable attractions (and mindsets)…and what you should do instead.1. Don’t… assume Tibet is only Lhasa and the TARThe Tibet on maps doesn’t match up with ethnic Tibet. The Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) is highly controlled and expensive, and much of the money you spend goes back into enforcing Chinese rule over Tibetans.

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Why YouTube sucks for travelers Miscellaneous

Why YouTube sucks for travelers

The YouTube ‘Travel & Events’ category is so shitty and convoluted it begs the question: why bother?I DOUBT THERE ARE TOO MANY GEEKS that can say they have searched for and watched more travel videos than me. If I have stumbled upon any truths in my search for vids this is surely one; YouTube is a sucky place to search for travel videos and a sucky place to watch them.

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On my way to work: Kingston, Jamaica Interesting

On my way to work: Kingston, Jamaica

A slice of daily life as Derwin Kitch drives to work in Kingston, Jamaica.IT’S A TYPICAL APRIL MORNING IN KINGSTON, sunny yet pleasantly cool. By ten o’clock the sun will be hot, and by four o’clock the clouds will roll in over the Blue Mountains and, most likely, a rain will soon come, as people say here.

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Coloma is the river and the river is Coloma Information

Coloma is the river and the river is Coloma

Hannah Smith recounts a strange Thanksgiving visitor to her home on the river.THE BACK DOOR opened and there stood a man, fresh out of the river below our home. He was at least a foot taller than anyone in the house, had gray hair tumbling around his face in dreads, and was wearing plaid flannel. A living Coloma legend, he was known for stunts like this.

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Gracefully becoming a golden oldie Information

Gracefully becoming a golden oldie

My shoes scuff along the sandy track by my house. It occurs to me again. Sand beneath my feet. Grains of sand in an egg timer. The bottom half of my egg timer fills far more quickly than I remember when I was twenty.How often I forget that although my heart is young, my body isn’t. My weak ankle turns, reminding me how once I hopped, skipped and jumped through Calgary, Jaipur and downtown Aswan.

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Spring fly fishing in Montana Miscellaneous

Spring fly fishing in Montana

Here’s why Montana is the place to go for fly fishing, along with a few tips for catching fish there right now.This article has been created in partnership between Matador and our friends at the State of Montana.There’s a scene in A River Runs Through It where Brad Pitt’s character is up to his waist in the middle of the Blackfoot River and yells over the roar of the rapids:“What are they biting on?

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