Pilgrims at Bodhgaya

Pilgrims at Bodhgaya

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Alex Blauhorn travels to the world’s most famous place of enlightenment to capture an average day of a pilgrim monk.

THERE IS A REMOTE place in India where Hinduism and Buddhism live together in harmony – it is called Bodhgaya. This is the most sacred place for Buddhist pilgrims, because here is where you can find the Bodhi Tree where Prince Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment over 2500 years ago.

Thousands of pilgrims gather from all over the world every year to pray at the Mahabodhi Temple and relax under the famous Bodhi Tree. Here are photos that capture a day around the grounds.


Women with haystacks

1. View of the Mahabodhi Temple.


Women with haystacks

2. A Buddhist pilgrim meditates while walking.


Women with haystacks

3.Prayers take place inside the temple, you can find a statue of Buddha.


Women with haystacks

4. Hindu women walking down the street with their babies.


Women with haystacks

5. A group of Indians waiting under the sun to sell their fish.


Women with haystacks

6. A monk chanting the sacred scriptures.


Women with haystacks

7.A monk who fell asleep while meditating.


Women with haystacks

8. Night shot of monks walking past the colorfully lit temple.


Women with haystacks

9. A monk praying beside the Bodhi Tree.


Women with haystacks

10. Driving to Bodghaya, you can see how basic the people still live.


Women with haystacks

11.All around the temple you can find monks meditating.

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